Eswatini Accommodation

The Kingdom of Swaziland, also called Eswatini and or Ngwane, is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, bordered to the north, south and west by South Africa, and to the east by Mozambique. The nation, as well as its people, are named after the 19th century king Mswati II.

Swaziland is a small country, no more than 200 km north to south and 130 km east to west. The western half is mountainous, descending to a lowveld region to the east. The eastern border with Mozambique and South Africa is dominated by the escarpment of the Lebombo Mountains. The climate is temperate in the west, but may reach 40 degrees in summer in the lowveld. Rainfall occurs mainly in the summer and may reach 2 m in the west.

Eswatini Accommodation Map

Quick Facts

1,148,130 (2019)
17,364 km²
English, Siswati
Lilangeni - SZL / South African Rand - ZAR
Major Airports
Matsapha, Manzini
Left-hand Driving / Time: CAT (UTC+2)